Chronic disease management

In case your child has any kind of a chronic pre-condition, whichever that one is – be sure that we have the most experienced team of doctors, who altogether will be able to detect and cure it!

Basically, what you need to know about the newborn care process, starts at a time when the physician is discharging your baby from the hospital, he/she will tell you when to bring your baby into the office. Most usually it will be in a 24-hour timeframe.

Taking care of newborn kids infants or toddlers in a critical condition is one of our main specialization. We have both the specialists and the equipment for that!

Well, first thing's first - we want to say our congrats to you for becoming a parent!
Variety of ScreeningsIn case you thought that taking your child to a clinic means doing lots of screenings for all health parameters, you're right. That means that regardless of the type of a healthcare hazard your child faces, we've got all the means to test it through!
Range of ServicesBesides ensuring medical help for kids of all ages, we also specialize in a wide variety of all kinds of viruses and diseases. Starting with the newborn care and ADHD counseling for teens, and including allergy treatments and all kinds of immunization procedures…
Fair PricingAs opposed to a majority of privately held pediatric (and other) healthcare facilities in the US, we never tried to hike our pricing for good. Quite the contrary, we've always been doing our best to keep the pricing for our pediatric care services affordable and so fair!

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Be sure that whatever the healthcare issue of your child is, we'll be more than glad to provide your with diagnostic screenings and a professional pediatric consultation!